Anbar University Journal of Language & Literature


 Anbar University Journal of Language & Literature

A Refereed Academic Journal Issued by University of Anbar

ISSN 2073-6614
Iraqi National Library Trust Number: (1379) in 2010

An academic journal issued by Anbar University and approved by the Iraqi Ministry of higher education and    scientific research. It publishes quality research in the field of modern languages (linguistic, literary, and translation studies). It is a quarterly. Two of its annual numbers are devoted to Arabic language and other oriental languages (Turkish, Farsi, and Hebrew) and two annual numbers are devoted to English and other European languages. The journal welcomes research from all scholars without any discrimination on basis of religion, sex, and race.

General Supervisor
Assist Prof. Habeeb Mohammad Farhan
Dean of the College of Arts- Anbar University


Editorial Board


Anbar University-College of Arts

Prof. Dr. Majeed U. Jadwe

International Member

La Sapienza University

Prof. Dr. Ugo Rubeo

International Member

Yarmouk University-College of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Yousif Hussein Bakar

Editorial Manager

Anbar University-College of Arts

Assist. Prof Dr. Rumaid Muttar Hamad

Editorial Secretary

Anbar University-College of Arts

Assist. Prof Ali Salman Hammadi


Anbar University-College of Arts

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tawfiq Al-Duqman


Anbar University-College of Arts

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasser ahmed Fayad


Anbar University-College of Arts

Assist. Prof. Ayad Hammad Ali


Anbar University-College of Education for Humanities

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hazim Hakoosh Muaarij


Anbar University-College of Education for Women

Assist. Prof. Dr. Khalil Mohammad Saeed


Address of Journal

Republic of Iraq - Ramadi - University of Anbar - College of Education - Anbar University
Journal of languages and Literature    P.O.B: (55 Ramadi) (55341 Baghdad)            Email:

Advisory Board

                                                1. Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Ahmed                          Iraqi Scientific Academy
                                                 2. Prof. Dr. Shihab Ahmed Al-Nasser             University of Basrah
                                                 3. Prof. Dr. Taha Mushsin Al-Ani                    University of Baghdad
                                                 4. Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hameed Yousif                  University of Tikrit
                                                 5. Prof Dr. Mohammad Jassim Maarouf         University of Anbar
                                                 6. Prof.  Dr. Munthir AbdulRazzak Sabbi       University of Baghdad

                                                                 Publication Guidelines

1. The Journal of Anbar University for Language and Literature (JAULL) is a refereed quarterly publishing scholarly research in the field of language and literature. Two annual numbers of JAUL are devoted to Arabic and Oriental Languages and the other two numbers are devoted to English and European Languages.

2. JAULL is committed to the accepted academic and human standards. We publish scholarly research regardless of race, sex, religion, or ethnicity.

3. Manuscripts should be presented to the journal for review within the following specifications: Use Simplified Arabic, font 14 and single space and for English use New Roman Times with the same above specifications. The total amount of pages per manuscript should not exceed 30 pages.

4. The paper should be organized after MLA or APA styles but papers should stick to the following as well: Title page with title, researchers' names and affiliations, emails and two abstracts (no more than 100 words), Body of paper with proper divisions and subheadings if applicable, Endnotes or internal citation, List of references.

5. Researchers should pay unrefundable 30,000 ID for reviewing and 50,000ID upon final acceptance of the paper.

6. Researchers should present two printed copies and an electronic one on a CD of their papers.

7. Papers are usually sent to two unseen professors for evaluation.

8. The material published in JAULL is copy protected and cannot be quoted, reproduced or used without the prior permission of the journal.

9. Manuscripts presented for publication are the property of JAUL and they are not to be returned to the researchers even when they are rejected for publication.

10. The views and opinions expressed in the published papers are not necessarily those of the journal.